We are having a FREE 1-day seminar on mental health awareness on:
Saturday March 3, 2018
 from 10am to 3pm


Schedule Topic Location Speaker
10am – 12pm Anxiety & Addiction The Word Chapel Dr. Gemma Sohn
12pm – 1pm Lunch The Blessing Cafe
1pm – 3pm Depression, Shame & Anger The Well Mrs. Sunny Park


We are hoping to bring aid and resources to better equip our leaders,
teachersparents and students in order to minister to those who are suffering with mental illness.

In today’s generation, sadly, every person knows someone who is suffering from a mental issue. Actually, who here is “normal”? We want to provide awareness, support and practical ways to help ourselves and others around us.

We are praying for a “successful” seminar, and hope in the future to expand this seminar to our communities in Northern Virginia
For this event, it is OPEN to anyone BUT, there is ONE thing I ask of you before you come…to RSVP!

Below is a simple link, where all you have to do is click the link and click the RSVP tab and enter your name, email, and number of people you are coming with.